RPG Time!
Guidelines for Livestreaming and Publishing
of Video and Images

 The purpose of this document (hereinafter referred to as "these guidelines") is to establish rules for players who have purchased the game software RPG Time! (hereinafter referred to as "this product") for individual use when participating in the following activities: 1.
Livestreaming gameplay from this product; 2. Publishing recorded video of gameplay from this product; and 3. Publishing still images (screenshots) of gameplay from this product. Additionally, all video and images captured from this product will be collectively referred to in these guidelines as "gameplay."
By participating in any or all of the activities described in 1, 2, and 3 above, the player is presumed to have read and agreed to these guidelines and entered into a contract with Aniplex Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Aniplex") based on these guidelines.

Attribution of Rights

The copyright and all other rights of this product belong to Aniplex and other related legal rightsholders.
Subject to agreement with these guidelines, Aniplex and other related legal rightsholders grant the player a license to use this title, and do not confer any rights to the player. This license is only applicable to the player, and may not be transferred to a third party.
In addition to the scope of the license granted by these guidelines, the player's use of this product is limited by the laws and ordinances of Japan. No exclusive permissions may be granted to the player on an individual basis, regardless of their compliance with these guidelines.
If the player publishes gameplay in combination with intellectual property belonging to a third party, the player must secure permission to use it from the legal rightsholder(s). Aniplex is unable to respond to inquiries regarding how to obtain such rights. Aniplex also makes no guarantees of any kind, including that this product does not infringe upon the rights of a third party. Aniplex may not be held responsible for any damages incurred or disputes with a third party as a result of the use of this product, except in cases which can be attributed to Aniplex.
Aniplex and other related legal rightsholders reserve the right to take measures such as suspending use or seeking damages when this product is used in a manner that does not comply with these guidelines or that violates the laws and ordinances of Japan. Furthermore, regardless of whether or not an issue is specified in these guidelines, Aniplex may request that the player's published content be deleted at its own discretion (including requests Aniplex receives from legal rightsholders).

Published Content

  • • Gameplay which may be published is restricted to non-commercial use. However, gameplay may be published if the content is monetized through an official partner service of a video streaming platform (such as YouTube, Twitch, etc.).
  • • If livestreaming content such as cutscenes that involve key story elements, please make that clear by using spoiler warnings etc. so as not to hamper the enjoyment of other players.
  • • When publishing content, please include the copyright information and a link to the official website in the description:
    ©DeskWorks / Aniplex

Videos which contain any of the following are strictly prohibited from being published:

  • - Game content prior to the official release date or any inaccurate information
  • - Gameplay without any additional content such as commentary from the player
  • - Any isolated resource from the game (images, music, sound effects, designs, etc.)
  • - Gameplay combined with content unrelated to Aniplex titles
  • - Any obscene, violent, or otherwise inappropriate content
  • - Content that would unfairly damage the reputation of or trust in Aniplex or this product
  • - Content exhibiting illegal activity

Additional Provisions

Aniplex reserves the right to revise these guidelines at any time, and will announce the changes made on a timeline that it deems reasonable. Players who livestream gameplay or publish video or images from this product after such changes have been made to these guidelines are presumed to have agreed to the revisions, except when Aniplex has stipulated otherwise.
Please contact Aniplex regarding any issues which are not covered or are unclear in these guidelines at the following link: LINK

This is the end of the document.